Stator electroscooter from avid skateboarder Nathan Allen

Electric scooters for children and adults quickly capture urban landscapes and are becoming more and more popular. Chinese companies are expanding their presence in countries and regions around the world. The American startup Stator intends to change this with the help of its electric scooter, which has an original design and decent characteristics. Quickly folding steering wheel for easy transport and storage. The novelty also has a rotary throttle, a horn button, a button lock and a battery charge indicator. It should be noted that the scooter is equipped with the first in the industry solid aluminum wheels with blades, allowing air to cool the electric motor.

Lithium batteries power a 1000-watt gearmotor mounted in the rear wheel. As a result, the Stator can reach a maximum speed of up to 48 km / h and, on a single charge, run up to 30 km. In addition, the hydraulic disc brake of the front wheel and the regenerative braking of the rear help to stop smoothly and safely. This adult electric scooter weighs about 41 kg and is designed for a maximum load of 113 kg. It is also quite maneuverable for such an outwardly massive vehicle with a turning radius of 238 cm. The dimensions of the new product are: length 172 cm, width 41 cm, height in working position 116 cm, and when folded 43 cm.

The developer of this new product is Nathan Allen. Being an avid skateboarder and cyclist since childhood, he intended to create a vehicle that would provide its owner with the same sense of freedom and all the advantages of his favorite types of movement. Safety, ease of driving and style were the top priorities when developing the Stator concept. The inventor spent many hours in his workspace in the garage, pondering the concept, creating prototypes and thoroughly testing his inventions. Pending patents and doing pre-production prototypes, his next step is to bring his electric scooter to the market as a light personal vehicle for adult consumers over the age of 16 years.

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