SpaceX will deliver goods to Gateway

NASA has chosen SpaceX as its first commercial partner to deliver payloads to the future Gateway lunar station.

NASA's plans include several payload delivery flights, during which the cargo ship will stay with Gateway for 6-12 months at a time. At the moment, the contract says a minimum of two flights for one company. The total cost of the contracts for cargo delivery to the station is about 7 billion dollars for 12 years.

NASA and SpaceX are already successfully cooperating in an identical direction on the ISS. The company since 2012 carries out delivery of payloads to the station. However, for flights to the Moon SpaceX will have to finalize its cargo ship Dragon and use the super heavy missile Falcon Heavy.

NASA's Artemis program, which should return a man to the Moon within the next four years, will open up new opportunities to explore the Moon, Earth and the Solar System. Gateway is an important part of NASA's plans to explore deep space together with the SLS launch vehicle and the Orion spacecraft. For each manned launch under the program Artemis to Gateway is to send one cargo ship to the station.

Gaining new experience on the Moon and its environs will bring NASA closer to sending the first people to Mars in the coming years, and Gateway will play a critical role in this process.

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