SpaceX canceled the launch of the satellite for the first time because of the coronavirus

SpaceX cancelled the launch of the Argentine satellite SAOCOM 1B, which was scheduled for March 30. This decision was taken in response to the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Argentine specialists have not had time to prepare the remote sensing satellite for launch, as they can not yet leave the country. As a result, the launch had to be postponed indefinitely.

The satellite arrived at Cape Canaveral on 23 February.

In SpaceX itself allows the launch of another batch of communication satellites Starlink instead of the Argentinean apparatus.

Until then, the company managed to avoid a significant impact of the pandemic on the launch schedule. Last week, SpaceX successfully launched 60 more of its Starlink satellites. However, not without accidents. A few seconds before the launch of Falcon 9 with the satellites, it turned out that the rocket engines were off. Later, the company explained that the missile's launch was canceled by an automatic shutdown system due to abnormal data received during the engine power test.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission issued SpaceX permission to install one million ground antennas to connect users to Starlink. Each ground antenna will be 0.48 meters in diameter.

It is noted that the pandemic will somehow affect the company's plans. NASA has already had to suspend work on some of its current priorities, including developing an Artemis spacecraft for deep space exploration.

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