Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X will be more popular at the start of sales than their predecessors

Game consoles Sony and Microsoft of the new generation should go on sale at the end of this year. We already know a lot about consoles, including approximate parameters, performance (in the case of the Xbox Series X) and estimated prices.

IHS Markit analyst enough of this data was enough to suggest that both new consoles at the start will be sold better than their predecessors. There are only two conditions: prices should not be higher than $ 500, and supplies should not be disrupted, which could very well happen due to an outbreak of coronavirus.

If everything goes well with prices and supplies, the analyst is sure that the consoles will succeed. In the case of the PlayStation 5, this will be due to the fact that at the time the console starts, the user base of this platform will be significantly larger than at the time of the launch of the PS4.

If we talk about the new Xbox model, then the analyst does not explain his position, but we can put forward our assumptions. Firstly, the Xbox Series X will be a really very productive console, which could not be said about the Xbox One at the time of its launch. Secondly, the Xbox Series X will initially be positioned as a game console, and not as it was with the current generation. In addition, in recent years, Microsoft has planted millions of players on an Xbox Game Pass subscription, which allows you to play a huge number of games for a penny.

Also, for both consoles, support for games for consoles of past generations will be an important factor.

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