Sony PlayStation 5 will receive "the most exciting hardware in the last 20 years"

Already tonight, Sony must finally fully present the PlayStation 5 game console and reveal its technical characteristics. In the meantime, we know a little.

It is known that the platform at the base of the console will include eight AMD processor cores with Zen 2 architecture and Navi GPU in an unknown configuration. Also, they initially promised us a very fast SSD.

And although less than a day is left before the announcement, nevertheless, something got on the Network earlier. One of the Kotaku reporters said he had heard from several sources about the incredible performance of the new console. In particular, one of them said that the console received "the most exciting hardware in the last 20 years." What exactly will be so exciting is not yet clear, but we know that the same Xbox Series X has a performance of 12 TFLOPS.

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