Sony PlayStation 5 will be weaker than the Xbox Series X, but there is still the PlayStation 5 Pro. The price is shocking

     On the net, rumors about the more productive next-generation Sony PlayStation 5 Pro game console were revived.

     According to new reports, Sony will release two consoles in 2020 at once - the weaker and cheaper PlayStation 5, as well as the more expensive and powerful PlayStation 5 Pro. This was originally told by the user VFXVeteran on the NeoGAF forum.

      According to the source, the performance of the PlayStation 5 will be only 9 TFLOPs, which is noticeably less than the declared 12 TFLOPs of the competing Xbox Series X. The latter should equal or even surpass the PlayStation 5 Pro. He also noted that both consoles would be expensive. Approximately $ 600, but VFXVeteran does not specify which of the models costs so much.

      It was previously reported that the PlayStation 5 could be priced at $ 499, which is noticeably more than $ 399 for the currently most expensive PlayStation 4 Pro.

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