Sony PlayStation 5 will be more popular than Xbox Series X

Analysts predict the success of PS5

The battle of new generation game consoles formally has not yet begun, but in fact is already in full swing. The reason is that both Sony and Microsoft have told about the performance of their consoles, and the former has a significantly lower rate than the latter.

However, we know very well that the performance in case of consoles is not significant. The main thing is the games, and Sony has always been better with the exclusives.

DFC Intelligence analysts believe that PlayStation 5 will still be more popular than Xbox Series X.

    The perception of Sony in the market is now much lower than it was during the heyday of PlayStation 2, but the company still has an advantage in the software component, recognition among consumers and the global distribution. Over the next few years, this advantage is likely to be overwhelming for Microsoft and its Xbox Series X

Analysts also add that it is still possible to postpone the start of sales of new consoles to 2021, and if the consoles will arrive at the counters this year, in very limited quantities.

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