Singapore based company Zycraft has developed an improved version of the Dolphin marine rescue robot

A Singapore-based company, Zycraft, has developed an improved version of the Dolphin marine rescue robot, designed to deliver tools and medicines to emergency ships and evacuate people from them. According to Jane’s, the device received new communication systems that increase its range, and a compartment for cargo weighing up to 10 kilograms.

Doplhin was introduced in January 2019 and has been tested since. The device is 1.15 meters long, 0.8 meters wide and 0.25 meters high. The displacement of the robot is 13 kilograms. A fully electric robot is able to work on a single battery charge for 30 minutes. For movement Dolphin at speeds up to 8 knots (14.8 kilometers per hour) are responsible for two water-jet propulsion with electric motors.

The basic version of the robot is equipped with a communication system that allows the operator to control the device at a distance of not more than 500 meters. The robot is equipped with a head fog lamp. Dolphin can be dropped into water from a height of 20 meters and picked up on a ship with a hook. To date, the robot has been tested at sea level 3 points (wave height up to 1.25 meters).

The advanced rescue robot has received an additional BacPac compartment with which it can carry various cargoes. In the same container, communication systems are installed that allow the operator to control the robot through 4G cellular networks.

The robot is designed specifically for rescue on water, for example, in the event that a person is left overboard, as well as for transporting people and tools between ships with strong sea waves, when their mooring to each other is impossible.

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