Scottish startup starts making roads out of plastic bottles and bags

An engineer from Scotland, Toby McCartney, solved the problem of plastic trash in an original way - he founded the company MacRebur, which processes plastic into material for road repair. A startup that solves an important environmental problem and repairs the roadway is already known far beyond Scotland.

McCartney thought about the possibility of using plastic waste to repair roads after he visited India. Here, an engineer noticed that locals were melting plastic debris to fill road potholes with it.

“I thought I didn’t want my daughter to grow up in a world where the ocean is filled with plastic bottles and bags, not clean water. The ability of plastic to remain stable for hundreds of years is not always bad. We can make great material out of it for restoration of a roadbed ", - the engineer tells.

MacRebur company appeared in the spring of 2016 - McCartney's friends Nick Burnett and Gordon Reed became its co-founders. Now the startup is processing 60/40 commercial and home plastic. 5 mm granules are made from the waste, which are mixed with a special activator - the composition of the latter is kept secret. The material resulting from the waste is mixed with bitumen, due to which the strength of the road surface is increased by about 60%.

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