Scientists want to hide harmful CO2 underground

Scientists argue that carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by storing it underground. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) used artificial intelligence that was trained to map the underground landscape. Therefore, you should look for places where you could pump CO2.

Artificial intelligence can be helpful in tackling climate change. Scientists believe that an excess of carbon dioxide can be hidden under the surface of the earth and thereby relieve the atmosphere from it. You must first find a suitable place, and here comes the AI ​​to help.

MIT researchers have taught a neural network that uses earthquakes to estimate low-frequency waves. With its help you can get a map of underground voids. It is necessary so that you can find a suitable place to store carbon dioxide.

The solution is not yet ready for use in real-world scenarios. However, the idea itself is promising and can be used not only to search for places to store CO2. Researchers argue that in this way it will also be possible to search for new resources of geothermal energy.

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