Scientists have named the most reliable and secure browser in the world

Specialists from Trinity College Dublin conducted a study and found out which browser could be considered the most reliable in terms of user data security.

The main assessment criterion for the researchers was the level of data security, which theoretically would be able to track the location of the user, as well as his private information.

At the end of the rating was the Edge browser from Microsoft - it got the last place on privacy parameters. The Russian Yandex.Browser followed immediately, which also turned out to be unsafe, according to experts.

The middle category included several services at once: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. The fact is that by default all of them transmit information about visited sites in real time, but this function can be disabled manually.

The most secure, according to the researchers, was the browser Brave. The report says that even the standard Brave settings provide maximum privacy for users. The creator of the browser is the author of JavaScript Brendan Eich.

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