Scientists have learned to grow protein that cleans the bloodstream of fat

A new invention by researchers at the University of Cincinnati (USA) sounds like the perfect way to get rid of fat. It's not about a weight-loss cure yet. Although the work is moving in this direction - scientists are trying to manage the process of removing excess fat from the bloodstream to reduce the load on the body.

When animal bodies get more energy than they consume, they store it in triglyceride fats. Usually these fats are in the fat folds, but when there is a large excess, they are washed out and ply through the bloodstream, becoming a hindrance to it. In such cases, the body has a protein regulator apolipoprotein A5 (APOA5), which removes triglycerides from the body.

The production of protein APOA5 is extremely small, it is poorly studied, so American scientists have set up an experiment on its synthesis. Bacteria were injected with the appropriate gene, the bacterial farm was started and after several attempts they achieved an impressive result - up to 25 ml per 1 liter of medium. Now, having an excess of resources, scientists began to feed the mice and cleanse their blood with shock doses of APOA5.

The rodent experiments were a great success - their blood was successfully cleaned from triglycerides even with a diet of highly fatty foods. But this does not mean that the same thing can be repeated with humans, in addition, scientists know nothing about long-term effects and side effects. On the other hand, researchers have at their disposal a convenient farm with bacteria, in which you can grow protein in the right quantities for further experiments.

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