Scientists have calculated the average incubation period of coronavirus

The average time between infection with the coronavirus COVID-19 and the onset of the first symptoms is just over five days. This conclusion was made by specialists from Johns Hopkins University, who analyzed 181 cases of infection.

Scientists also concluded that after 11 and a half days, symptoms of coronavirus appear in 97.5 percent of cases. In this regard, experts came to the conclusion that the 14-day quarantine, most often practiced in cases of suspected coronavirus at the present time, is quite long and does not need to be reviewed.

Italian Prime Minister Conte enacted a decree extending emergency measures in connection with the coronavirus throughout the country. From today, all educational and entertainment facilities, ski resorts are closed there, sports events have been postponed. Whenever possible, citizens are advised to stay at home. Moving from one municipality to another can only be carried out under special circumstances. At the same time, shops will work - like catering establishments, but in cafes and restaurants that should close at 18:00 (as in supermarkets), the distance between visitors should be at least a meter.

Mortality from coronavirus in Italy rolls over: 463 people have already died. 7985 are currently infected. We collected shots from different cities of Italy against the backdrop of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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