Scania standalone dump truck showcases the future of unmanned trucks

Obviously, in the near future, human drivers will be replaced by autonomous control systems equipped with artificial intelligence. A good example is the AXL unmanned dump truck from Scania, Sweden.

The company has developed several autonomous trucks that are already in active use. True, while they are still controlled by drivers. The complete elimination of the cabin, as an unnecessary element, will be the next step, since AXL is controlled exclusively by an external logistics system, which tells it the algorithm of actions.

The cabinless modification significantly changes the design of the truck. Obviously, it will become cheaper. AXL is currently a conceptual model, although Scania says it has not used any previously unknown technologies to create it. The truck’s engine runs on biofuel, and it is controlled by radars, cameras, laser beams, GPS, lidar and an on-board computer, which allow it to navigate in the environment.

The developers explain that AXL is designed exclusively for work in the mining industry and in closed construction projects, where the actions of autonomous trucks are easier to calculate and control. The mass introduction of such unmanned systems is only a matter of time.

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