Samsung was the first in the world to show TVs with Wi-Fi 6 support

Earlier this year, Samsung introduced the 2020 8K QLED TVs. During the announcement, much attention was paid to supporting the ATSC 3.0 standard regarding image and sound quality, as well as various interactive features

But just now, a fresh press release revealed another nuance. As it turned out, Samsung's new products are the first Wi-Fi 6 TVs in the world provided by the MediaTek chipset. Apparently, even without mentioning MediaTek, Samsung TVs were the first to receive Wi-Fi 6 support. To clarify, we are talking about the Q900 and Q950 models.

Recall Wi-Fi 6 is a new name for the 802.11ax standard, which implies data transfer at a speed of up to 12 Gb / s.

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