Samsung leads the soundbar market for six years in a row

Samsung has officially confirmed that it has once again led the international market for sound panels or, as they are also called, soundbars.

Futuresource Consulting, a research company, began officially tracking the state of the industry in 2014, since then Samsung led the rating six years in a row. In 2019, Samsung's market share in terms of revenue amounted to 21.8%, and if we measure the volume of sales, then Samsung accounted for 16.5% of the market.

The South Korean manufacturer added that its televisions have been the first sellers in the world for 14 consecutive years, so he is obliged to offer his customers the best sound panels that are carefully tuned at the Samsung Audio Lab sound lab in Valencia, California. The sound quality of the Q 2019 soundbar line of the model year was noted by authoritative American and European specialized publications.

Samsung said it plans to strengthen its market position through the development of a single ecosystem of smart TVs and soundbars. The new Samsung QLED 2020 TVs will receive new technologies to improve sound and image quality. Thanks to the Q-Symphony function, the TV speakers in combination with the soundbar speakers work as a single speaker system, providing clear and loud sound. This technology received the CES 2020 Best of Innovation Award, it is available in Samsung soundbars older than the Q60T model and some new QLED TVs.

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