Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 never learned how to get an ECG.

The function is still not available.

The smart Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 came out in August. The watch does not differ much from the first model, and almost the most important innovation is an ECG sensor. However, it was inactive when the watch was released.

Samsung said that it is waiting for the approval of the regulators, and the function will be active in early 2020. Today is March 28, 2020, and the function is still not available. Moreover, it is reported that Samsung does not yet have the exact date of release of the relevant update, which was originally scheduled for the first quarter of this year.

It is possible that Samsung still has not received the necessary approvals from medical organizations, perhaps there are some other reasons - the company does not disclose them. It is not excluded that the Galaxy Watch Active 3 model will be released earlier than the current model has the function of getting an ECG.

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