Ryzen 7 4800H vs Core i9-10980HK. Which of these flagships will be faster?

Currently, the top AMD mobile processor is the Ryzen 7 4800H, although we know that there will be a Ryzen 9 4900H. Intel will soon release the Core i9-10980HK, which will replace the Core i9-9980HK, offering all the same eight cores, but with higher frequencies.

Which of these CPUs will be faster? If you focus on User Benchmark tests, the performance of the two AMD flagships will be very close. Specifically, in this test the Core i9-10980HK leads by a small margin, which can be explained by higher frequencies. True, the issue of energy consumption remains open. Formally, the TDP of the two processors is likely to be the same, but in reality, the Intel processor should be more “gluttonous”.

Intel should announce new mobile CPUs during the spring, but the Ryzen 4000 introduced back in January have not yet come out.

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