Russian scientists have invented a bioprinter that allows you to print skin

Scientists at Sechenovskiy University are preparing to introduce a manual bioprinter, thanks to which doctors will be able to print damaged areas of tissue directly on the patient during surgery. This was reported in the press service of the university.

It is noted that the new gadget will help primarily patients with severe burns and other skin lesions. Currently, development is under patenting.

“The idea is that the doctor could take a simple tool - like a syringe, like a scalpel - and, without inventing anything, simply apply a special solution with cells with one button to restore the tissue lost,” commented Peter Timashev, director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine of Sechenovskiy University .

To date, scientists have learned to print the eardrum on a printer, and in the near future they plan to test it on patients.

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