Russian scientists have developed an inhaler that will help fight the coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic has significantly increased scientists' efforts to create new, more effective medicines and devices. One of the latest Russian developments is PM&HM inhaler. According to the press service of the Russian Venture Company, a number of serious diseases, including - what is very important - coronavirus pneumonia will fall into the "zone of its defeat".

A serious drawback of the existing inhalers is a very limited "radius" of action: up to 65% of drug spray may not reach the inflammation, settling in the upper respiratory tract or tube of the device.

In contrast, a new inhaler injects aerosol before the user takes a breath, so that the drug is delivered almost without loss to the "address" - to the sick organ.

The device is currently being tested to obtain the necessary certificate. In the future, the inhalers will be delivered to state medical institutions. They will also be available for individual use at a price starting from 3000 rubles.

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