Russian experts put VR glasses on cows to give more milk

Specialists of one of the farms near Moscow equipped dairy cows with virtual reality headsets in which animals can constantly see summer sunny landscapes. After that, their mood improved - and, most importantly, milk yield increased.

According to scientists, the use of virtual technologies in animal husbandry, combined with robotics, is the next and logical step in improving the quality of life of dairy cows.

It is no secret that dairy cows in Russia do not have the opportunity to graze for most of the year, which negatively affects the quantity and quality of the milk they produce. Recently, to improve their emotional state, farmers, on the recommendation of veterinarian scientists, began to use good music, which really gave positive results. Virtual reality technology is now added to this arsenal of tools.

Experts noted that the results of the first test recorded a decrease in anxiety and an improvement in the overall emotional mood of the herd. What is the effect of VR glasses on the growth of its direct productivity, it will become known from the results of further comprehensive research.

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