Russia plans to create drones to launch on board airships

State Corporation Rostec spoke about a project to create a complex of advanced airborne equipment for airships that can perform various tasks.

This is a platform that combines a remote control system, autopilot and navigation tools. The project will be implemented by specialists of the Concern Radioelectronic Technologies, part of Rostec.

In addition, it is proposed to develop a scheme for equipping a new generation of airships with small drones. Such drones will be able to start from the side of balloons, for example, to inspect the terrain, organize specialized data transmission channels or to protect objects.

The development of on-board equipment is planned to be carried out using a digital modeling stand. It reproduces the flight in real time in manual and automatic modes, and also allows you to simulate failures of onboard equipment. Thus, it is possible to track the effect of malfunctions on the airship’s behavior in the air and adjust the equipment operation algorithms.

It is expected that a new generation of aircraft will be in demand in the fields of tourism, environmental protection, monitoring of various territories, etc.

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