Russia and China will create a laboratory in space

Scientists from Russia and China plan to jointly create a space laboratory in the form of a giant interferometer.

Specialists intend to launch three satellites equipped with scientific equipment into orbit at an altitude of about 100 thousand kilometers. The devices will be interconnected by laser beams, which will combine them into a single measuring system.

The laboratory is used to study gravitational waves. At the same time, its placement in space will provide the equipment located in it with greater sensitivity and accuracy than ground-based equipment, which can be disturbed by seismic noise.

As expected, thanks to the creation of the laboratory, scientists will be able to obtain new information about black holes and binary stars. In addition, experts hope to capture the signal from the Big Bang, from which the origin of the Universe theoretically began.

According to the plan, the laboratory will be launched into orbit in 2034 after the tests necessary for its creation pass the test tests. Moreover, it is expected that the Russian-Chinese project will become the main competitor of a similar project implemented by the European Space Agency and NASA - LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna).

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