Rotofarm is a compact home farm where you can grow vegetables year-round

If you want to grow vegetables at home, this does not mean that you have to dig in the ground for a long time. BACE biotechnology startup from Melbourne introduced Rotofarm, a year-round home garden that can easily save you from this need.

Rotofarm is a device consisting of a large table lamp combined with a fan, only without blades, around which around the perimeter 1.58 m long vegetable seedlings are attached. Water is supplied into the space between the walls along with plant nutrition.

When turned on, Rotofarm begins to slowly rotate around the central LED lamp with an amplified spectrum at a speed of 1 revolution per hour. Complete with the device comes a ready-made set of vegetables, including salad, cabbage, leeks, mint, green onions, edible flowers and much more.

Users can track the growth process of their landings through the smartphone app. In particular, they have the ability to set the time of sunrise and sunset (that is, to regulate the lamp mode), control the level of water and nutrients, and also order them when they end.

In addition, BACE offers a monthly subscription for seed boxes and nutritious concentrate. If the light from the farm bothers, the kit includes an additional acrylic filter that reduces the brightness of the lamp. Rotofarm consumes 95% less water than is necessary in a conventional garden, and requires only 5 minutes per week to care for seedlings.

The Rotofarm project has already been successfully funded by Indiegogo, where a little more than 20 days are left until the end of the campaign. You can become the owner of a home garden by making a donation of $ 440. Home farm deliveries are scheduled to begin in October.

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