Repaired Apple devices stuck in brand stores

Shops are closed for an indefinite period

As you know, last week Apple closed all branded stores outside of Greater China.

This decision temporarily deprives potential customers of the opportunity to select and purchase Apple products, having seen it with their own eyes and turned in their hands. But this is not the only unpleasant consequence of the fact that the stores are closed. According to the source, those who gave their iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac or Apple TV to Apple for repair will not be able to get them back until the stores open again.

It is not known when this will happen. The company originally planned to open the stores on March 27, but later it was said that the stores were closed "until a special order", that is, for an indefinite period.

According to the source, two days before the shops were closed, Apple notified those whose devices, given for repair, had already been repaired. Of course, not everyone managed to do it. The repaired devices that are physically in service centers will be sent by mail, but those that are in stores will remain there until the stores are opened.

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