Quantum computers. What do we know about them?

IBM quantum computer

 Quantum computers
These are computing devices. They do not have video bloggers, they do not have Instagram.

In a conventional computer, information is built on bits - characters that take two values ​​of 1 or 0. In quantum - characters are bits, qubits. And a lot of intermediate.

Quantum computers are our future. In 1981 physicist R. Feynman stated that any task can be calculated by knowing the quantum nature of objects. And he suggested using quantum computers.

These are very complex units that calculate the microworld according to the laws of quantum mechanics. Einstein also said about her: "Dark business."

A quantum computer resembles a moonshine. Gold and copper coil coolers. Strong cooling is necessary, otherwise qubits are constantly destroyed. So far, the qubit only works at very low temperatures (-273 degrees Celsius). Scientists are trying to reduce the cost of the computer, make qubits work at ordinary temperatures. Used diamonds. Quantum computers are looking forward. What for? Then it will be possible to create artificial intelligence, solve public health problems, simulate the situation, control the banking system, nuclear missile weapons.

Google Quantum Computer
In 2017 Google together with NASA (aerospace agency) bought a quantum computer in Canada, and on its basis created a laboratory that deals with artificial intelligence.

And in 2019. Google announced its quantum computer, with which the company's scientists solved the problem in 3 minutes (10 years could have been spent on its solution). But this does not mean that a quantum computer may appear on our table today.

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