Prompt anti-watch without dial and hands

Kickstarter has a new unusual project called Prompt. This is a watch on which there are no numbers or arrows. There is also no display or Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. No notifications or reminders: it's just a clock that tells the time in the most minimal way possible.

In place where the dial is in a regular watch, a large button is installed in Prompt. If you click on it, you will feel a vibration. One signal means that it’s the first quarter of an hour now, two - that it’s the second now, and so on. To find out a more accurate time, hold the button down for three seconds - then the indicator light will accurately show how many minutes have passed since the beginning of the hour.

It is important to note that the creators relied on what you know what time it is, because this chronometer will only help with minutes. If desired, the watch can be pulled out of the bracelet and used as a pocket watch.

Prompt is powered by a regular CR2032 battery, if necessary, it can be replaced independently. At the same time, the entire device weighs only 38 g - already taking into account the battery. This is one of the key advantages of abandoning modern technologies such as connecting to a smartphone or accessing the Internet.

The device was priced at 195 dollars, you can order it now on Kickstarter. Pre-order mailing will begin in August.

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