Popular Twitch streamers earn thousands of dollars just by sleeping on the air

Before falling asleep live on Twitch, user Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo doubted the adequacy of his decision. But when I woke up and saw $ 5600 donations from viewers, as well as new subscribers, I realized that he did everything right. The blogger, following other streamers, undertook to monetize the popular direction, when instead of broadcasting their games or communicating with the audience, they simply ... sleep on the air.

Initially, “a dream for money” on Twitch became the reaction of bloggers to another fashionable hobby - marathon streams. During them, the gamer tries to stay in front of the screen for as long as possible, starting new game sessions so that in each time zone they can see a new round. This increases the reach of the audience, but depletes the streamers themselves, so some of them began to doze or openly sleep during streams.

Specialists associate users' interest in such content with a thirst for parasocial interaction. Fans want to be near their idols, albeit virtually - and when they sleep, it's easier to do. When a blogger actively talks, answers questions, he can only pay attention to a few active users, while others feel left out. And vice versa - the sleeping author of the channel is simultaneously accessible to everyone.

For the sake of attracting attention, streamers go to different tricks. For example, they leave the speakers turned on at high volume and launch a bot that voices the messages sent. You can send the recipient the sound of a shot, the rustle of rain, the buzz of the motor or other sounds of your choice. And to watch how the sleeping person reacts to them - he will jump in horror or continue to doze off. And others, on the contrary, are asked to sing lullabies to them or to put in a script that puts off the wake-up time by several minutes for each donation.

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