Playboy fell victim to coronavirus: magazine will now be released only in digital form

The upcoming spring issue of Playboy Magazine will be the last print publication of this brand in the United States, its management said. The well-known adult magazine will be distributed only in digital format, via the Internet. The official reason - the fear of coronavirus forces people to refuse contact with material objects.

It is unlikely that Playboy is really afraid of infecting their customers with the coronavirus. According to European scientists, in ideal conditions, the virus exists on a concrete or metal surface in no more than 72 hours. And on paper or fabric even less. This is due to the fact that component deliveries and logistics really need to be under attack due to quarantine.

On the other hand, for Playboy, this is an excellent occasion for the next childding and the long-awaited transition to a new era. Digital content is convenient to use, diverse and interesting for printing, there are no restrictions on text and pictures. The experience of recent years has shown that popularity in all the huge competition on the Internet is very popular. In addition, Playboy owners have never been alien to experimentation.

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