Own Cybertruck appeared in Russia - costing only $ 10,800

A team of four Russian youtumers Cannon Garage from Khimki near Moscow did what they hardly expected. Specialists in low-budget garage tuning of old Russian cars, having made considerable efforts, created from the materials at hand the Russian version of the acclaimed “Tesla Cybertruck”.

The project cost its creators a modest $ 1,300 (including the cost of the car) - which is not surprising, since the basis of the Russian Cybertrack was the old VAZ 2109, sheathed with sheet metal, which gives it a very symbolic resemblance to the overseas original.

Instead of two electric motors, a 1.5-liter engine with a capacity of 68 liters was installed on Cybertrack. from. paired with a manual gearbox. The design of the car is characterized by extreme minimalism. So, instead of glass, polycarbonate is installed on it and there is only one door, and the one at the back, which at the same time is the entrance for the driver and passengers and the trunk lid.

According to the team, the car is “not a bit and well painted,” has a panoramic roof, 95 percent tinting, providing “excellent visibility”. Particularly noteworthy are the rims created according to special drawings specifically for this car.

The creation of craftsmen near Moscow was put up for sale on the site auto.ru at a price of 666,666 rubles, which corresponds to approximately 10,800 dollars.

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