Over a billion Android devices turned out to be vulnerable to hackers

A recent study showed that today more than a billion devices that are running the Android operating system are potentially vulnerable to hacker attacks.

The source clarifies that we are talking about smartphones and tablets on which all versions of Android up to the seventh are installed, namely Marshmallow (2015), Lollipop (2014), KitKat (2013), Jellybean (2012), Ice Cream Sandwich (2011) or Gingerbread (2010). To understand the extent of the situation, you should know that these are approximately 40% of Android devices worldwide. In the maximum risk zone are users of smartphones on which Android 4 is installed.

Security experts recommend that users of such smartphones install the latest security patches. If these are not available, then it is better to replace the device with a newer one, since you run the risk of becoming victims of intruders.

Experts rightly noted that expensive Android devices have been supported by the manufacturer for only a few years, after which the devices become vulnerable to hackers. Many phones that were flagships just 5 years ago do not support new versions of Android.

Google declined to comment on the results of this study.

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