One-of-a-kind monster truck Thor24 sold for $ 12 million

Last weekend at a Worldwide Auctioneer's Riyadh event in Saudi Arabia, a deal took place that caught the attention of those who love big and very big cars. American enthusiast Mike Harra sold his unique monsteroid truck Thor24, which he worked on for seven years. The deal was more than profitable - with an investment of $ 7 million, he bailed out $ 12 million for an incredible car.

The basis of the design is the frame and cab of the Peterbilt 359 tractor unit, which was extended to 12 m to fit two 13.9-liter Detroit V-12 diesel engines. 12 superchargers are connected to them, which provides a total truck capacity of 3974 hp. This allows it to develop a speed of 200 km / h with an own weight of about 15 tons.

Each cylinder has a separate exhaust manifold in the form of long chrome pipes. The superchargers are equipped with separate pressure gauges, they are chrome-plated and placed in the upper part of the motors, cylinders with nitrous oxide are built between them. The bumper is designed in the form of huge grilles, and a two-sided battle ax is carefully suspended on the driver's door.

The most interesting thing about Thor24 is that it was not created for beauty or records - formally, it is still a truck tractor ready to go. It’s just not clear what kind of cargo will suit him with such and such parameters. And it’s unlikely that they bought it in order to carry something commonplace in the desert - such a giant could transport from one place to another, for example, a whole house.

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