Not only the iPhone 9, but also the iPhone 9 Plus. It seems that Apple is preparing two new smartphones available right away

At the moment, there is practically no doubt about exactly what the iPhone 9 smartphone, which is also called iPhone SE 2, will be. According to all leaks and rumors, this will be a device in the iPhone 8 case, but with the “stuffing” from iPhone 11.

And in this sense, the name of the iPhone 9, of course, is more suitable for a smartphone. Another question is that Apple will choose a name, probably based primarily on positioning.

But if you still call the new iPhone 9, then why not assume that there will be an iPhone 9 Plus? Interestingly, for all the time no one suggested this until today there were no hints about the possible output of such a smartphone.

They were found in the iOS 14 code. There are no details, but, by analogy with the available data about the iPhone 9, we can safely assume that the iPhone 9 Plus will receive the case from the iPhone 8 Plus and the parameters of the iPhone 11, and it will differ from the smaller brother exactly the same than iPhone 8 Plus is different from iPhone 8.

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