Nokia has released a Nokia 8.3 smartphone with 5G chip

Despite all the difficulties, Nokia has released a new phone, which is called Nokia 8.3. It's not a flagship, it can't boast advanced features. But it does have a 5G modem.

Unlike other smartphones with 5G, the smartphone from Nokia uses a chip not Snapdragon 865, but Snapdragon 765G. This is a new chip, with it comes a few devices. Compared to 865, it has several advantages. The main one is an integrated 5G modem. For phones with 865-modem is installed separately.

Accordingly, it saves space on your motherboard, you can install more elements. It is likely that next year almost all mobile chips will include an integrated 5G-modem. For now, the scheme with separate installation of the central chip and the mobile chip is still relevant.

Other features are 6GB RAM, 64GB or 128GB main memory. OS - Android 10. Additional features include a fingerprint sensor, ambient light and proximity sensor, compass and gyro. The battery capacity is 4500 mAh.

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