Next-Generation Apple Watch Smartwatch Becomes Even More Helpful in Health Tracking

The Apple Watch is the world's most popular smartwatch, and that won't change in the near future. Despite the fact that these are full-fledged smart watches with their own operating system, many owners use only those programs and functions that are in the Apple Watch out of the box. Especially when it comes to health related functions.

Therefore, for owners of such watches it will be interesting to know that Apple is working on at least two new features. The first is the determination of the level of saturation of blood oxygen (SpO2). This feature is already in some watches and activity trackers on the market. For example, it recently appeared on Fitbit devices.

The second innovation concerns the existing function of obtaining ECG. Apple is working to improve its performance, especially with a pulse of 100 to 120 beats per minute - now in this mode, Apple watches do not give the most correct results.

You can also recall that even before the release of Apple Watch Series 5, there were rumors that the Cupertian giant was working on adding a sleep tracking function. In the current model, it never appeared, so it may appear in the next.

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