New Xbox Series S game console will cost around $ 300

Recently, we finally learned about the main parameters, features and performance of the Xbox Series X game console. Recall that it will receive a GPU with a performance of 12 TFLOPS.

However, recently everyone has somehow forgotten that Microsoft, according to all the rumors and leaks, is preparing two consoles, and the second remains a dark horse for now. She is hiding under the code name Lockhart, and some call her the Xbox Series S. Earlier there were rumors about her extremely modest, compared to her older sister, performance in 3.5 TFLOPS. This question is still open.

Now we’ll talk about the possible price of this model. According to the source, the Xbox Lockhart will cost about $ 300. For the Xbox Series X, they usually call the price $ 500.

The source says that Microsoft will soon talk about the "budget" new product. The message also mentions performance in 4 TFLOPS. It's close to previous rumors, and it's still a lot less than the Xbox One X.

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