New mode in the game Plague Inc. will save humanity from COVID-19

The creator of Plague Inc., James Vaughan, confirmed the completion of a brand new game mode dedicated to the disease COVID-19. It was developed at the direct request of WHO and is designed to visualize the measures and ways to save our world from a global pandemic. Whereas previously the main story of the game was built around the destruction of humanity by different diseases, now players are offered to try to save it.

Previously, the developer studio Ndemic Creations had already donated money to fight coronavirus and repeatedly requested permission from WHO to add the appropriate regime to the game. But did not receive approval because of the prejudicial attitude of officials to the game itself.

Today, the situation has changed, and at WHO themselves are hurrying developers with the launch of the new regime. It is created with the participation of experts from the organization and adds unusual and complex tools to the game. Such as quarantine, border traffic inspection, reformatting social services, riot control and other difficulties faced by real medics. It is hoped that the format of the game will be more convincing to the millions of people who are unwilling to listen to what they are called for from TV screens and media pages.

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