New iOS 14 features

iOS 14 introduces a new location-based augmented reality and location-based reminder mode

Sources have published details on innovations in iOS 14, which should make mobile devices even more user-friendly.

iOS 14 will feature a new location-based augmented reality mode and location-based reminders. Smartphone prompts you if someone doesn't get to a specific location at a set time. This feature is useful for parents, for example, who want to control their child's location. You can also receive reminders when someone leaves a particular location.

The source code for the early beta version of iOS 14 states that Apple Maps will display more information. Currently, only the address, phone number, photos and "Today in Apple" events are shown in the Maps app.

It is reported that Apple is developing a new iOS desktop, as well as a new section that will allow users to view their apps as a list. All application icons, names, and details will appear in this view.

iOS 14 will be released with the new iPhone 12 line of smartphones.

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