New batteries created to replace up to a thousand conventional batteries

In the US alone, 3 billion batteries are thrown away annually. Other studies show that the average family uses about 50 batteries each year. Lithium-ion batteries still dominate the market and their use is increasing. Meanwhile, they are harmful to the environment. Therefore, many companies come to the conclusion that batteries may be the more appropriate solution. And now Tenavolts AA and AAA batteries, which have a constant power of 1.5 V, have already appeared on sale.

“We developed the Tenavolts AA and AAA batteries. Each of them provides a constant voltage of 1.5 V, which means for the consumer similar actions in each of the charging cycles, regardless of how many times you used the battery how much capacity is left. Each Tenavolts battery can be used 1000 times, and it takes less than 2 hours to fully charge it, ”says Lej Dong of Fujian Nanping Nanfu Battery.

These batteries include a special plate that protects against overvoltage and overheating, and an innovative driver prevents a possible short circuit.

“Innovation is not limited to the batteries themselves. We also developed a special USB charger, so the user can charge the batteries anywhere using an external charger, ”adds Lei Dong. “Many people still use disposable batteries. We want to make it clear that the time has come to switch them to lithium battery technology, especially in the devices they use most often. Meanwhile, each Tenavolts battery is equal to 1,000 disposable batteries. ”

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