NASA Postpones Gateway Near-Moon Manned Station

NASA abandoned the planned construction of the moon-laden manned space station Gateway for high-altitude astronauts to the moon in 2024 to create an American specialized site spacenews.com.

Initially, NASA, together with other countries, plan to create a gateway in 2020, and this year astronauts to the moon will be marked in 2028.

Last March, the United States decided to postpone the moon landing in 2024. Therefore, the construction of the lock was divided into two stages: on the first - launches of energy and residential modules to provide high-altitude astronauts on the moon in 2024, on the second - continued construction for regular moon landings.

Like spacenews.com, as NASA's deputy director for pilot programs, Douglas Loverro and NASA, plans are being considered and it is now believed that there is no need to build a station to provide astronaut altitudes to the moon in 2024.

Earlier it was reported that in the framework of the Artemis lunar program in 2021, the US, with the help of a superheavy class SLS rocket, will launch an unmanned Orion unmanned spacecraft for a flyby. In 2022, it is planned to send Orion with a crew for the Moon round to the SLS ship, in 2024 another Orion ship for the heights of two astronauts on the surface of the Moon.

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