NASA officially opens the ISS for tourists and businessmen

“American innovations and startups will help build a thriving business environment in low Earth orbit,” NASA said in a new statement. The organization officially announced the decision not only to allow a wide circle of people to the ISS without special training, but also to allow them to implement their projects there. Moreover, this is not about science, but about commerce and marketing.

Tourists on the ISS have never been a big exotic - here for the sake of personal impressions seven people have already visited, not to mention the numerous invited space program employees from different countries. But now NASA wants to remove the main barrier - a strict criterion for the selection and preparation of visitors. Instead, those who wish will only need to prove that for their undertakings, an environment with microgravity for a long time that cannot be achieved on Earth is really extremely important.

The main task is to earn money with the help of the ISS for new NASA projects and let others earn it. One day of stay of tourists and businessmen at the station will cost $ 35 thousand, plus the cost of delivery and return to Earth. This money includes power and access to equipment owned by NASA.

One of the stumbling blocks for the realization of the venture may be the Pentagon’s demand to abandon cooperation with Russia while working in space. In this case, tourists will have to fly to the ISS on SpaceX rockets, and Bigelow Aerospace is ready to develop a voyage program for four people at a time. NASA does not hide the fact that it needs both finance and momentum for the development of its own launch vehicles. And the commercialization of the ISS US sector will help to dramatically increase investment and research, so that by the 2024th again to land people on the moon - also with commercial purposes.

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