Named the most valuable smartphones in the secondary market according to BankMyCell

Service BankMyCell conducted an analysis of the secondary market of a smartphone to identify the most slowly cheaper devices. As a result, as reported by NewInform, it was found that the most unique in this regard are gadgets from Apple.

In particular, it was recorded that in two years the average one will lose about 45% of its initial value, while the flagship on Android will fall by 71%. Thus, in 2 years of use, the iPhone will lose about as much as the top-end device on Android, but only in a year.

A study also showed that smartphones from the budget price range have an even greater tendency to depreciate. So, a cheap Android-smartphone for two years fell in price by 79%. In particular, the Motorola One smartphone, which went on sale for $ 349 in October 2018, was sold for only $ 43 in December 2019.

In general, experts found that over the past 2019, Apple devices have declined in price by a quarter, while Nokia and Sony devices by 27% and 31%, respectively. It was also found that last year the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max accounted for about 15% of all transactions.

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