More than half a million dollars have already been raised for Rocketbook Orbit

Minimum contribution is $29

At KickStarter, a fundraising campaign for Rocketbook Orbit with reusable changeable pages is coming to an end. It will last another six days, but more than half a million dollars have already been raised.

The interesting thing about Rocketbook Orbit is that you can write "unlimited" on its plastic pages. However, to do this, you must use a special pen, written which is erased with a microfiber cloth. Cover, block of 20 pages, pen and napkin will cost a campaigner in 29 dollars. Pages can be used on both sides, with sides marked differently - a grid of dots and rulers. Interchangeable blocks of 20 pages with other markup are available separately, including, for example, sheet music.

Pages can be photographed and automatically uploaded to cloud storage by assigning meaningful names and directing them to the right folders. To do this, there is a header field at the top of the page that is recognized by optical character recognition, and icons at the bottom, which are used to set up destination folders. You can make settings in a mobile application.

There are two notebooks and four colors planned. Shipment is scheduled to begin in October.

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