Microsoft has stripped Windows 10 of its antivirus

The recent update that Microsoft released to fix the bugs in the last update of Windows 10 once again gave users a nasty gift. This time, some users were left without the standard Windows Defender (Windows Protector) antivirus.

Update broke the antivirus, it started to generate an error Items Skipped During Scan when checking for threats. At the same time, a number of users finished scanning in a couple of minutes, confirming that it was missed and no viruses were detected.

So far, it has not been possible to find out which objects are skipped during the scan or if Windows Defender is capable of detecting problems at all. Other than that, there is a chance that users are sounding a false alarm and that the antivirus is fine.

It should be noted that the problem concerns only the owners of the current version of Windows 10.

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