Microsoft attacked Windows 10 users with full-screen self-promotion

After recent updates to the Windows 10 operating system, users are faced with an unpleasant mass phenomenon - full-screen alerts that advertise additional features of Microsoft OS, applications and services.

The system aggressively displays the Get even more out of Windows window, where it is proposed to configure additional services, such as Windows Hello, phone to PC connection, Office 365, OneDrive cloud storage, as well as synchronization between devices.

Previously, such a window with a call to configure branded services was displayed only at the first start of the device or after a clean installation of Windows 10. However, with the release of the February and March scheduled OS updates, these alerts became intrusive and looked like inappropriate self-promotion.

Fortunately, Microsoft allows you to disable these alerts permanently through the system settings. To do this, in the "Notifications and Actions" section, disable the "Suggest ways with which you can complete the device’s settings for the most efficient use of Windows" option.

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