MacBook Air 2020 outperforms MacBook Pro 2019 in benchmark

Fresh MacBook Air is well suited for complex tasks
The 2020 MacBook Air was already compared in performance with its predecessors: the results at Geekbench clearly pleased those who were going to switch from earlier versions of the model to the most current. And now we offer to compare the performance of the MacBook Air 2020 and MacBook Pro 2019.

It would seem that these laptops are in so different categories that even an old (relatively) MacBook Pro should have beaten the MacBook Air 2020, but no. More precisely, not really. In the multi-threaded test, the MacBook Air 2020 is actually about a quarter behind, but in the single-threaded test, the superiority of the younger model is recorded.

At the same time, do not forget that with the equality of the computational cores and the threads, the frequencies of the processor used in the MacBook Pro 2019 are higher: the Core i5-8257U has a base frequency of 1.4 GHz and a maximum of 3.9 GHz, while that used in the MacBook Air 2020 Core i5-1030NG7 operates at a frequency of 1.1-3.5 GHz.

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