Lift my eyelids. Google will soon finally fix the main Face Unlock issue on Pixel 4 smartphones

As you know, smartphones Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL have one curious feature. Their Face Unlock function works even when the user has his eyes closed. This is clearly a defect, which Google itself immediately promised to fix, but still has not fixed it.

And now, judging by the new data, we can say that the corresponding update is already on the way. It is not clear when this happened, but the Require eyes to be open item again appeared in the phone settings.

To begin with, we will stipulate that this item was in the settings at the beginning of the life path of smartphones (in the photo), but it was not active, and then Google completely removed it. Now in Face Unlock settings themselves this item is still not there, but when you try to search in the settings for the word "eyes", it appears in the list of available options. True, if you select this option, a window with settings will open where this item is still not there.

It’s just that Google wouldn’t obviously return the item to the settings, even if in this form, so, probably, the function will be finally added soon.

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