Lamborghini is testing carbon fiber for its new cars in outer space

To reduce the weight of cars, car manufacturers are massively using composites of light but durable carbon fiber. The Italian Lamborghini was no exception. Carbon fiber samples developed by its specialists will soon be delivered aboard the ISS for testing in outer space.

Two years ago, Automobili Lamborgini became aware of a collaboration with the Houston Research Institute (Texas, USA) as part of a joint project to develop materials for biomedical devices. The materials obtained during these studies will find application in other areas, in particular, in the creation of spacecraft and lighter and more durable cars.

Within six months, scientists will conduct a series of experiments with these samples, exposing them to the extreme conditions of outer space: temperature fluctuations from –40 to +200 ° C, absolute vacuum, as well as the effects of powerful cosmic radiation and atomic oxygen corrosion.

After that, the composites will be returned to Earth, where Lamborghini specialists will compare them with control samples that did not leave the planet.

Five different samples made from various carbon fibers will be tested. Among them is the promising 3D-printed composite fiber, which is reported to combine exceptional flexibility with mechanical strength commensurate with high-quality aluminum.

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