Labrador Diagnostics will provide free patented technology licenses to test developers on COVID-19

At first, the patent troll filed a lawsuit against BioFire, but caught it in time

Labrador Diagnostics announced this week that it will provide free licenses to interested parties to use its patented diagnostic technology in COVID-19 diagnostic tests.

This post was preceded by an interesting background. Last week, Labrador Diagnostics, owned by investment funds managed by Fortress Investment Group LLC, filed a lawsuit in Delaware County in which it accused BioFire, a medical equipment company, of patent infringement. Accused and demanded to ban the sale of equipment, which allegedly infringed the patent.

Up to this point, Labrador Diagnostics was not heard of - this is not surprising, because the company was created just three days before the lawsuit was filed. And the patent in question, she did not get herself, but acquired from a dubious source - the company Theranos, known for attracting about $ 1 billion to produce a blood analyzer, which turned out to be a fraud.

The lawsuit caused a wave of indignation in thematic resources. In response, the company hastened to make excuses, saying that it was not aware that BioFire was developing a test for COVID-19, and offered a free license.

It would seem all is well? According to the source, not really. But the fact is that the free license only applies to tests on COVID-19 and does not limit the Labrador Diagnostics in the ability to file claims regarding the alleged violation of equipment used for testing. In addition, a careful examination of the situation makes it obvious that Labrador Diagnostics knew what kind of test the BioFire experts were developing.

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