Japanese blogger cooked himself lunch on AMD processor

The Japanese blogger was able to cook a full meal in his own computer. The Japanese meal included several dishes, the main of which was a curry soup. In Japan, this is a very popular dish that resembles a thick soup of cereals and stewed vegetables. Water for the dish had to be poured into an impromptu bucket, which did not boil for a very long time.

Having cut off a piece of meat, the blogger placed it on the heat-distributing cover of the processor, so that the spray of fat flew in all directions. There is no exact data on how long it took to cook, because the processor temperature did not exceed 71 degrees at that time. The easiest way to cope with the preparation of cakes, but the process of boiling the egg, was the most difficult: the processor did not accelerate to a temperature that allowed the water to boil, a maximum of 85 degrees, but in the end, lunch was completely cooked.

Do not repeat such experiments at home, the risk of destroying equipment is too great.

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